Need someone to wire up a contraption?

I fail at modeling, and the F-16 is getting old. If anyone has any decent models they want wired, post them and I’ll see what I can do (if they are released, I will give you full credit for the model).

Also if you need a relatively simple E2, I’d do it.

Is this only for existing contraptions or do you do custom E2s as well?

Because I sort of need an E2 that controls a single hydraulic door and can open and close it at different speeds while having multiple outputs for buttons and shit.

That didn’t sound so simple after I typed it.

@name Hydraulic Controller
@inputs ButtonA ButtonB ButtonC ButtonD ButtonE
@outputs Length
@persist IsOpen

if(sign(ButtonA + ButtonB + ButtonC + ButtonD + ButtonE) == 1) {IsOpen = abs(IsOpen - 1)}

Wire a smoother with desired settings to Length output.

Why is speed an input? I don’t see it used anywhere in the actual expression.

what happened here

Oh lol’d. I’m flattered?

Woah, fur serius?
Dude could you make me one which, upon holding a button, will have a countdown of 3 seconds, then output 1 (for operating rocket engines)… and return to 0 when the button is released.

Also, with each second during the countdown, have an output of 1 lasting just .5 seconds (for operating a blinking red light and siren effect) at the 0.01, 1, and 2 second marks.

To simple it up-> beep beep beep BOOOOMholycraaap release button ok everything’s cool

@inputs Omg
@outputs Hax
@persist Lolwat
if (Omg) {
    Lolwat = min(Lolwat + 0.1, 3)
    Hax = (Lolwat == 3)
} else {
    Lolwat = Hax = 0


God, how I @#%$ing love the modulus function for these kinds of things :v:

@name Bomb E2
@inputs Start
@outputs Alert Boom
@persist Counting Count

if(Start == 1) {Counting = 1}
Count = mod(Count + Counting, 30)
if(mod(Count,5) < 3) {Alert = 1}
if(mod(Count,30) < 28) {Boom = 1, Count = 0}

Well, not a bomb detonation… an afterburner type thing- It can restart after you pressed it right? So each time you hold it in it counts down then activates afterburners?