Need someone who can make me uv map.

Hello guys! So, i’ve ripped Sam from serious sam HD, but ninja ripper don’t rip uv maps, so, can anyone make it for me?

Some screens:

I’m need this model because i’m making pack of Serious Sam Playermodels, at the moment, i have two models done:

So, can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.

You need to manually enter in the proper numbers in the vertex layout segment in order to get the correct appearance with the textures when importing. Letting the importer do it automatically usually results in the texture bug you’re experiencing now.

I explained this to you on your last thread…

yeah, i know it. I started this thread, because i can’t do uv mapping myself…

I can render a quick video to show you what to do.

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Ok be sure you have annotations turned on. That’s where I will write stuff as my mic is broken.

This method doesn’t work for me :frowning:

Pay attention to the Annotations. I said 4 and 5 worked for Far Cry 3 Models. If you want to figure out what UV works for you then you have to change that 4 and 5 to other numbers untill you get the right combination. I suggest you start from
then do
and keep doing that untill you get to 9.
After that you do
and so on.
The good thing is once you find the correct combination you can use it for ALL the models that you rip from that game.
Also i suggest you drag the texture into the model and select it on the dropdown menu in the UV editor so that you are SURE that the UV’s line up correctly.

Yeah, i tried it too, but still no result. So, i think, i should give up on making this model, until Croteam add export of default meshes :frowning:

One of the combinations Has to work. Patience.
Be aware the U and V coords can start on 0 and can go up to 500!

I tried from 1 to 9, it don give me anty result, and after 10, map transform into one vertex

If you want, i can send you model in obj, so you can watch it yourself.

UVs, yeah they can be so frustrating. could someone please post a tutorial on “how to make and apply UVs on characters from scratch.”

starting or starting from scratch is tough as many and “I” myself trip up on a lot. It would be nice too if someone could use maya for the tutorial as that’s my program of choice.

I’m not really the best when it comes to these things, but i cant really answer this question. Someone else around here probbably knows, but this is all the support i can provide.

Good luck to you and your project!

you know, the .gro files from the game are quite literally zip files just renamed. CHange the extension and you will find the models in .mdl format and textures in .tga
Milkshape 3d can import Serious Sam mdl files so try and give that a shot instead.

Milkshape works only with classic Serious Sam, i tried it too :slight_smile:

can u show me Channel Info ?

You need this?

Ok, sorry, here it is:

I think that this thread can be closed, because developers upload model to workshop, and i’ll convert it for gmod.