Need someone with TF2 for a short clip.

Hey! i’m currently working on my greenscreen-short sketch-gmod-experiment thing (working title) and i would REALLY like if someone with TF2 could film himself building a dispenser on gmod. I need an engie behind or to the side of the dispenser, the dispenser must be facing the camera, and the whole engie+disp thing must be in front of a GREEN SCREEN

(engieneer is standing where he would be in the film, and the dispenser on either side, spy would be me asking him to finish, as i really need some ammo.)
if someone has the video as an AVI or WMV file please post you have it here, then you will be PM’d.
Also post a pic of the vid, so i can see if it is what i am looking for.

PD: Engie can be RED or BLU. i don’t really care.