Need someone with vscripts/.NUT file experience.

Ho there small fry. I need someone to help teach me on how to use vscripts. I’m gonna try to make a map in Portal 2 that will save your progress when you reload it. Not big, just stuff like if you’ve pressed a button that opens a room, it’ll stay open come next reload.

Without using save/load, of course. Basically like the Portal 2 MP lobby really. If you can help, please contact me via a PM or on Steam. This is not an idea guy thread, just want some advice/help.

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Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of documentary on vscript as far as I’m aware of. You may as well have better luck asking valve themselves.

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How much documentation is enough?
There are at least five links re: vscripts, all community produced (by data-minecrafting).

At least three of those links are a gold mine of info.

But if you want straight-up tutorials, then you’re right about the lack of that. Some may be uncomfortable with with learning by example. If you’re not, you can hit up Steam\steamapps\common\portal 2\portal2\scripts\vscripts. They’re all there, unencrypted. L4D2 has theirs encrypted by default, but decrypted versions are available.

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