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Ok so. I recently downloaded Garrys mod for free. (Before you leave this post please read on before you do so.) I’m saving for a new pc and decided to download it for free, but very soon I started to regret doing that. I found out the flaws and errors it had, not being the original , and the inability to download add-ons from (Which I found disappointing and frustrating.) So i decided “What the hell i’ll just buy it.” So I logged in steam and went to go buy it and i see there are to packages to buy. One being the original Garrys Mod and the other was a Garrys Mod bundle with counter strike source. So my question is, What’s the difference? Is C.S.S needed for certain mods or allows you to use more items?
Please leave your input on this.
Thanks in advance

The bundle comes with CSS and you get the content as well as the game, which also means you get it cheaper than you would normally buy individually.

It’s a very common requirement as all servers have CSS for their gamemodes, as well as the maps.

Before buying GMod, remove


that has anything to do with the pirated version. If you buy it while having a pirated version installed, you’re off to bugging everything up. Make sure you get everything removed. Everything.

GMod needs a Source engine game to run. That means CSS would work fine with GMod. Also I only recommend buying CSS and GMod together, because then you got the basic setup (as most stuff in GMod requires CSS textures / models).

Don’t Sign your posts please.

Also, you pirated GMod…

I wouldn’t go about saying that here, it usually results in a permanent ban.

Buy CSS and Gmod. Unless you’re planning on staying in a sandbox gamemode for the rest of your life.

Buy both, It’s worth it.

Ok I already established that I regretted my decision on doing that and removed it. I also said i’m going to buy it. That’s what this thread is all about.
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I had removed everything already before I posted this. So buying gmod alone is not really a good idea then?

You can buy GMod alone but you won’t be able to start it. You need at least one Source game like Half Life 2 or CSS. GMod comes with Half Life 2 content and CSS is practically the main base of GMod, so I’d go with the CSS + GMod bundle.

Ok thanks. I’m going to get it either today or tomorrow.

CSS with GMod bundle is the way to go in my opinion, CSS is VERY used in gmod.

A guy told me to use GFC scape when I didn’t hve Css.

To get the full package, get CSS + Gmod + Orange Box.

Yeah, CS:S+GMod is the way to go

I also recommend getting Team Fortress 2. Lots of good content for free!

CS:S is pretty much the best source game to get with gmod