Need Something To Build!


ever since I finished my Apache (where is that vid butler!), I’ve started then stopped a million (maybe 10 or so) projects and every single one of them I’ve got tired of almost instantly!

Maybe its cause I don’t have a building partner (Dammit Xro come back, also anybody from Nz/Aus who is interested contact me) or maybe I’m just losing my gmod passion.


somebody out there from the vast plains of the internets, find me something cool to build! All/any suggestions will be considered.


oh and I’ve been meaning to release my Football Field for some time now, but I just started a new game mechnanic for it but if I get enough interest I’ll do a release now.

A good motorbike.

sorry, i dont have time. :frowning:
Im leaving saturday and im going to be gone for a month. oops

Built this on train tracks:

1:1 scale LHC.

Build a mountain.


Build a player-scale star wars republic gunship. With all of its manable turrets, lasers, and whatnot.

I ll Go for it. Unless Hunta is going to make it.

your ways

Do a Shinkansen.

Make a functioning maglev train with magnets. Hmmmm. Or a repulsion field generator that dynamically changes strength based on the distance of the train from the track.

Build a car

Build a fin controlled osprey.

I think edberg already did an osprey.

A wall-climbing spider mech :buddy:

I built a thrusterless crab once. Does that count?

Do it.

Do the tumbler like Gunski said.

lol that is a golf cart, I actually started the tumbler bout 2 years ago but never got very far. I’ll give it another look

Edit: I’m actually working on a few ‘Gmod Sports’ games with a chip I orignially wrote for playing football, but it is turning out to be way better for playing other games, I’ll post a vid soon of it WIP

How about a skyscraper?