Need something to make

I have had no inspiration or ideas in the past month or so and need inspiration for something to model in blender/xsi modtool.
possibly something in the Christmas spirit :]

Make a mechanized Santa.

[sp]With guns and and rocket launchers[/sp]

or just loads and loads of buttons. garrysmod lacks custom random buttons

the santa might be kinda hard and I don’t know how to make custom buttons (Like the coding and stuff, my modelling is quite good).


i’m guessing you mean ak-47?
if I do I can only make it a prop, thats why I would prefer a christmas PROP idea.
And I’ve done ak’s before :smiley:



I only see a couple of minor differences but, I stand corrected.
but other than that, I suggest any new contributors to the thread request holiday themed props… or ones so awesome that faces will melt

I’m sure you could find lots of models of that gun on FPSBanana for CS:S. Infact I know you can because I used one for a long time.

I say make something like a christmas tree, or a sleigh for Christmas themed screenshots.

Do a menorah.

Model the buttons , I never said make them scripts.

Buttons would be nice too.

I fucking hate it when people say that.
At least you’re not an asshole about it. You admitted you were wrong, and you learned from it.
Make a Blaser 93. I’ll get a picture.


make a xm29 o.i.c.w :smiley:

Christmas spirit you say…

hahaha that^

or the moose cups from Christmas Vacation,

may I ask… what is that?

Watch the invader zim christmas episode.

Yeah, I sorta figures from the style it was invader zim.