need sound help.

i am trying to put my own sound in a map for gmod but it will not play. how can i fix that?

Is the sound in the right directory?

yes. I made the map in portal theen import it to gmod and the sound file is in the sound folder of gmod.

Should be something like this;


i all rady have it set up but it will not play in gmod. ether i did not set the triger right wich i do not know how to make it use able in gmod.

make an ambient_generic with your sound name from your “sound\mapname\yoursound.wav/mp3” directory (you don’t need the sourcemod name in that part)in the soundname slot (you can browse) then make it a triggered via trigger or button

Func_Button: onpressed>ambient_generic>playsound
Trigger_multiple: onstarttouch>ambient_generic>playsound unless you want it to play over and over, make sure to check off the “only once” tab, otherwise the song will restart every time you walk through it.


If this doesn’t work then you do not have a valid sound file or you didn’t do it right somewhere.

Does anyone know if they work on Left 4 Dead? I could never get mine to.

I don’t see any reason why not.

Apparently it’s a bitch to actually get the game to find it though.