Need specific models or someone who can do them

Hello there. I’m gonna make things short and sweet. Basically, I work for as a machinima film director. Me and my team are working on making a series based on the Haruhi Suzumiya novels that spawned the drama CDs, anime, etc. Seeing as how Source offers the most creativity and control, we’re using that. Unfortunately, none of us have been able to find good character models to use.

What we are looking for is either actual models based on the series (not the cell shaded or cartoonish looking ones. We’ve seen those already) or simply just uniformed students. We’d prefer blazers and sailor suit uniforms (since the story is set in Japan), but we’d be satisfied with normal school uniforms.

Assuming there aren’t any models like these out there, we’re looking for someone who’d be able to make these models. Assuming that the series will get enough views for YouTube to pay us the ad-revenue, we’d even be willing to pay whoever makes the models a small sum.

Anyone willing to make the models should email me at drkessence(at) (avoiding spam). Otherwise, if you know of any models we might be able to use, please offer them here.

Thanks ahead of time, guys!