Need SSBB Models? Well I Have Them! ;)

Just like it says in the title, I have all of the SSBB character models. If you need any character to make a ragdoll or NPC out of a SSBB character, just say which character and I’ll rip the model for you. :wink:

Uhh…can you start with Luigi in his Waluigi outfit? And with King DDD in his Blue/white suit?

Will do. :wink:

Edit: Here are the characters you asked for:
Models+Textures. :wink:

Blue\White Dedede:

Luigi (Waluigi outfit):

Different Captain Falcon skins?

Black and white Lucario?! =D

I had a request out a while ago for Zelda and her alt costumes. Would this be too much?

Holy oh my god. Hmmm…Daisy trophy ragdoll? Zero Suit Samus as NPC and ragdoll? (since th old one doesnt work) Orange Luigi? Dark Pit? Um…Ill thin about what else. Samus and Daisy first priority for me though.

He’s not making NPC’s just ripping the model for someone else to do that.

Ah, well, ok, still.

OK. I can’t rip them now, I gotta go to bed.
So the following characters I’m going to rip tomorrow:
-Black\White Lucario.
-Zelda + Other costumes.
-Other C. Falcon skins.
-Orange Luigi.
-Daisy Trophy.
-Black Pit.

Can you rip Peach in classic outfit and Luigi in orange outfit?

GLaD to see im not the only one who wants Orange Weegee. :wink:

I request:

the Pokemon Trainer ragdoll :v:
Trophy of King K Rool (King K Rool too if possible :slight_smile:

Do these models have faceposing/fingerposing/eyeposing?

Could you send the ripped models to the Models Resource instead of MediaFire? Because Models Resource is the perfect place for models ripped and waiting for someone to compile them in a moddeling program.

But don’t forget to upload the textures for the alternate costumes as they’d fit perfectly as skingroups! (or some of them, I also found some other cool things that would also be nice as bodygroups such as Lucario’s spikes, there should be 3 seperate bodygroups for his spikes which is “One for the left arm, another for the right and the third bodygroup for the spike in his chest, can be found here”. I asked luigimario about making Yoshi’s saddle into a bodygroup which will “probably” come as a little mini-update)

Sources: Brawl Vault by Kitty Corp Meow Mix and The Models Resource

Impressive enough, you COULD even rip the vertex and/or texture hacks from Brawl Vault. However the moveset swapped characters would need 3DRipperDX (Because it like, takes “screenshots” and keeps the disorted stuff) and 2 Dolphins open at the same time to prevent 3DRipperDX or Dolphin from crashing

Looks like I got to add to the list. But I do not know how to make ragdolls.
-Black\White Lucario.
-Zelda + Other costumes.
-Other C. Falcon skins.
-Orange Luigi.
-Daisy Trophy.
-Black Pit.
-Pokemon Trainer.
-King K Rool trophy.

@BenjaminTennison: I am a member of KC-MM. :wink:

Oh please, don´t tell me that you will start again with the moveswaped characters. Also, why that bodygroup for Lucario? It´s unnecessary actually, we like how Lucario looks.

Also Jiggly fella, i´m surprised, i was thinking that no one was going to pay attention to these, and i´m very happy to see the costumes that i like, now i will need a modeler.
Another request, can you upload the green kirby, the Lucario color from this image (the second posing at the right) and Bowser with the white shell and black skin? thanks beforehand.
Here´s the photo:

So you want the white-ish-Lucario?

No, the another one near to him

can i have fox and ike? npcs please