Need Staff to my server.

Hello everyone!
I am making a new DarkRP server. I am determined in making the best server, but i can’t do all this alone. So i am here to ask you guys help! Have you ever wanted to be an admin ? This is your chance !

General Admin: 3 Slots
Coder: 2 slots
Forum Moderator (easy job, small forum): 1 slot

All the staff will receive the VIP package and will be able to play normally.

P.S. The server is still being made, we already have bought the host, but with 10 slots, and we will increase it when everything is ready to a 50slots server, if needed we will increase again;

To apply please register and make a new thread on the server’s forum:

Your admins, programmers and moderators would effectively control your community. Do you really want someone who you have only just met running your server?

If your server has only just got onto its legs, you won’t be getting mainly players, and even less regulars, which means that for the mean time, you don’t need any moderators. Once you start getting regulars, look out for the players with enthusiasm, strength of character, and good morals. Then ask them if they want to help moderate.

Also here’s a suggestion, invest in a virtual box or something. They are cheap, easy to use, and can sometimes be beneficial when it comes to costs. On top of that, you could host your own website on the same box instead of the gimmicky freeforums solution. I would advise a CMS such as Drupal or something.

Yes nice tip thanks. But i am not hiring anyone like that. I will examine carefully all the applications, and then be in touch with the person. If i trust her i will make her a low staff that will gain more power as she becomes more trusted. Also i believe i can find some good people in this forum.

Trust me, the only people who will apply from here will be power hungry 12 year olds, or people who just want to take the piss. You might get the odd one who is genuinely interested in moderating a server, but it’s doubtful. Also, I updated my previous post before I saw your reply.

This is a terrible approach to running a server. Build a community by playing on your server often then choose staff from that community, not the other way around

Very basic tips for running a Garry’s Mod server:

  1. Invest in a VDS/Webhost.
  2. Make nice looking forums without a ton of flashy colored names or stupid fonts and backgrounds. Keep it simple and clean.
  3. Don’t just accept random people you barely know as staff.
  4. Don’t let random people be “coders”. You are more than likely going to have to pay a coder to code for your server if you want anything good/original.
  5. Don’t load your server with ScriptFodder scripts. Everyone does that. It looks so tacky. You can use some scripts but try to stay away from GUI-related things.

hey can i get ftp access im a trusted developillar and i will make code good for your website, safe no security issue!!

for real though someone can take over your entire box from a few lines of php on a website, find trusted people, not random people you think are trusted

Wrong place.

Applications? When my bud and I play DarkRP for the hell of it, and they accept applications for admin, I just copy paste some pre-written application, get accepted, then abuse like hell giving us weapons and finding people to raid, only to leave later that day and never come back :v: