Need stuff for Gmod music video

I wanted to make a video with FIAB’s “Skweg” but I would like to request a map and model for it please. So whoever can make those two things please send them to me so I can upload them.

Here is what Skweg looks like

Have it it a little Digimon like. Thanks in advance!

Yeah man, your not going to get any of that unless you show what skill, if any, you have. So a video, demo reel, short film, what ever. So everyone can see that your not just bull shiting or that you have some idea as to what you are doing.

Dude, I have not made a single thing for Wait, forget about the map.

Im not saying you need to have made something for I’m just saying if you want people to help you and make stuff for you, you have to show them some work you have done like a video.

Oh. K.