Need suggestions for a new roleplay gamemode

Hello everybody, im starting to code a new roleplay gamemode and I have no ideas what I should do. Post all your suggestions here, even if its a strange idea. Ill update alot this topic for my to-do list.

***Frontmen - Battle Royale

Team Deathmatch + RP

Each team has a side of a map, with a basic RP-esque feel. Just imagine DarkRP. After “A Week”, both teams produce an item of death and duel. One player from each team goes into battle with said item. Those two are skins of Billy Mays, and Vince Offer.

Have a blast, bro.

I didn’t manage to see any RP on that idea, zydos.

Make something basic, simple.

Try making a Serious RL-RP. I’d love you.

That sounds very mingy and stupid.


Um I’d say Do something Serious RP related banking system,car dealer with car saving script,cop boss where you get a job to be a cop where you alsoly get your squad car,firemen job,with firetruck,medic,with abulance.

Idunno, just throwing an impulsive idea out there.

What about a basic “settlers” type game mode. Spawn in an empty ‘forrest type’ map (gm_underworld, lets say), and build a community from what you’ve got around you (some sort of wood-mod aswell?)

An RP server where everything works right, with low crashes, and an automatic-minge banner?

I think I stumbled upon something :open_mouth:

Any RP where an RDMer gets banned for a year.

a year is abit harsh id say a month or too by that time he’s probaly forgot about that server. plus people do change. what if by that time he is a good rolplayer.

SO basicly your trying to make me do a gamemode similar to Perp?

Whats wrong with that?

Make a RP where cash is not the main focus, the story is.

Battle Of the Gods:
The Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Atheists battle it out in a never-before-seen battle ground. RELIGION!
…and the Buddhist Monks just chill.

Red Underground, Osama Bin Laden, Moses, and Stephen Hawking (team Atheist, apparently), will partake in the war of the century.

Just like in the middle east, people’s views are the objective, and their obsessions are the weapons!
Why not be super politically-incorrect!!!

Get to it :smiley:

WW2 RP in a Nazi Occupied Paris…


I call team Buddhist.

Fable RP
Everyones a hero, houses require deeds to buy, you can marry npcs.
You hear voices in your head telling you to drink potions and eat food.

**I know…

…We could call it psychopath RP! **

Have you considered going into a career as a comedian?

If you have, stop considering it.
Please think of the children.

People are always posting these gamemode suggestions but they never happen. =[