Need suggestions for a TTT map objective - TTT Nuclear Power

Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted in the mapping section, but I’m the creator of TTT Nuclear Power and I am nearing the completion of my final release for the map. Anyway, I’ve added a reactor meltdown effect to the map for when the traitors win. I’m very happy with how it looks, and the map will work fine that way. However, I’m thinking about having a reactor meltdown triggered by a map objective of some kind since there has been such a high demand for it. Problem is, I’m having trouble thinking up a good (and balanced) objective for the traitors to blow up the reactor and kill the innocents.

Do any of you have any ideas or suggestions? If you’d like, feel free to explore my map and get acquainted with it to come up with some ideas.

Thanks a bunch!

That doesn’t really look like or function like a nuclear reactor from the real world, but I’m pretty sure the stuff those vents are pushing out are cooling the reactor. So if you disabled those I’m pretty sure the reactor would DE-stabilize and meltdown.

I’m taking it that you haven’t set up a SCRAM system or proper containment so that thing should radiate the whole facility.

Yeah I’m not really going for realism as far as the reactor goes, just gameplay as far as TTT is concerned. The reactor itself is something based out of my imagination. I think I ended up naming it the “Supercell Reactor”. A real reactor wouldn’t even be visible so it’s just something cool and dynamic to look at. I have a meltdown event created already that would basically spread radiation throughout the entire facility instantly to kill innocents if the traitors succeed.

My main concern is coming up with a good, balanced objective to trigger it though.

Thought of something today as I was adding a feature intended for sandbox use. I now have a key in the map that can be inserted into a slot on the main control console of the reactor. The key activates a button that can be pressed to meltdown the reactor.

I’ve also added a vault that can be unlocked by searching for a keycode that appears randomly on a bulletin board somewhere in the map. When the keycode is punched in, the vault door opens. The vault has a bunch of weapons and stuff inside.

I’m thinking about placing the reactor key inside the vault. If the traitors can find the code before the innocents and unlock the vault, then they can take the key to the console and blow up the reactor. If the innocents find the code first, they can get the key and keep it away from the traitors or destroy it.

Does this sound like a balanced objective?