Need suggestions for my RP map.

I don’t think this belongs in mapping, and I already have a thread for the map there.

Basically a medi-sized downtown. I have built a lot, but there is still a ton of free space. I’m not a roleplayer myself, so I may not know what will give this map a really good replay value.

And don’t say ghetto, a good proportion of it is.

So far, it already has:

1 fast food restaurant with drive-thru (WIP, need ideas)
2 diners (in a small building, and in a train car)
8 shops
At least 8 apartments
Gas station
Gun shop

How about some shops?

Working mailboxes.

When you open the door 3 penis’ shoot out!

I could add the mailboxes, but actually getting them to work is up to the server I believe. Also adding a post office with a mailbox layout map should be neat too.

Just a bit of a heads up on the actual map. It will have night and day versions, but I always compile the night first.

I made you a mailbox prefab. PM me if you want it.

a good gunshop, by good i mean with somesort of system to slide shipments through ect.

Want me to help with the map I have been looking for a reason to kickstart my source mapping.

No and you asked me before. For the last time, you are not getting credit for RP_LC.

Also yes, I forgot about the gun shop. Will detail it as well as I can.
Gas station added today. Maybe someday someone will make a script for cars that run out of gas, would be very cool. (and easy)

Stick some custom point entities in there, so Lua devs would find it easier to integrate gas pumps into the city.

Also, you should make a bomb/minge shelter where the mayor and cp’s can unlock and bring a small amount of civilians during a small minge rdm attack.

great idea

Some secrets. Easter eggs, and even shortcuts (use the subway thing, make it abandoned and bad-looking. put posters all over the city with the words “dont go on the subway”). That would be great and create some great Chase RP.

Another concept, is to make propaganda against mingebags. (Can help with that if you need a texture)

Best idea! Omg city has great examples.

Amen, I’m thinking a billpoard with something saying…

“You don’t act like a scumbag in real life, so why would you act like one in your roleplay life?”

Get a pose of the CP beating the shitballs out of a Kliener model.

You will help? One question: Where do you put custom textures when working with Episode 2?

Sounds good, I’ll do it.

Some sort of gang base underground, Like the one opposite the Police station in Downtown_v2

Also, Try and make at least 15 apartments.