Need suggestions/help on a custom chat.

So I started working on a custom chat and… I hit a roadblock.
I made a font with outline = true but sadly the outline quality is horribly.
Is there any way to increase the quality/size/etc of the outline?
Or is there another approach I can take so it won’t look so bad on bright surfaces?

Put in a background?

Doesn’t really look nice, if you start typing a box appears and it reveals chat history, but otherwise I dont really want to put a static box there.

Never use the built-in outline. You’re better off writing your own outlined-text function.

Only way I can think of is using simpletextoutlined or possibly making two texts, 2nd one with +1 to both x and y.
Would that be better?

from my experience, anti alias makes font outlining very crappy. is that your problem?

Actually it was, found out half an hour ago.
Keeping the thread open since someone said using default outlining = bad, so I wanna know what’s a better way to do it.

well, I haven’t tested this idea yet, but, if you create 3 fonts, 1 that is 1 PX bigger on y and x, 1 normal, 1 that is 1 PX smaller x and y, then draw all of them (first and third font before second) on the same spot, it SHOULD make an outline.

edit: you might need to change the 1 PX to a bigger size, depending on the font