Need support with setting up my VPS

Dear Facepunch users,

So I recently brought a 2048 MB VPS from Vultr and I setup the server with SteamCMD and everything. I added some deathrun map packs and the deathrun gamemode. The server starts up fine with no issues at all, but I can not connect to the server at all. I have attempted to connect through developer console by typing “connect IP Adress” But it just says Connection Failed after 4 retries. I would appreciate help from anyone that knows a solution.

Kind Regards

~ CitadelNetwork

Is the server hosted on Linux? If so, could you have the ports blocked? Try logging in as root and unblocking ports with iptables.

On a side note, fresh vultr servers tend to have american IP’s even though they are hosted in Australia. You can check by putting the servers ip into ip2location. If the IP is located in America, the server will have trouble being seen on the server list, to solve this, just contact ip2location and ask for them to update your ip (keep in mind they may say to wait until the first of next month).

My server is hosted on Windows Server 2012 R2 (I am terrible with linux) I did the ip2location thing and It says its in New Jersey US. I have a VPS that says its hosted in Sydney. But yeah thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. I hope I can get it fixed soon.

Have you tried disabling Windows’ firewall?

Oh yes! It works I turned off the Firewall. Thank you so much for your help. :goodjob: :joy: