Need Surf Testers (Must be good at playing Surf)

I am having a hell of time trying to figure out if I have the proper settings for surf as I suck at the game mode myself.

If you are good at playing surf just leave me a link to your steam profile here and ill get to you asap!


I’m fairly good away surfing, but haven’t surfed since the good CSS days. hmu via the link under my profile pic. I can’t respond atm cuz steam banned.

friend request sent

Same as kila58. Surfed quite much Surf:DM back in the day of CS:S, but not that much skill, except fruits, where i could get to i think kiwi or something

Most of playtime in css was surfing id like to join. Also i created a surf gamemode a few weeks ago, i could give you my settings if you still have troubles.

Add me on steam havent done it in ages and will probably get the hang of it :dance:

Before I got into coding, I surfed a lot in TF2 (Combat and skill). I also attempt to surf any object in most maps.

I’m a pretty good surfer. I know many websites, including Facepunch and Google, which I’d be happy to introduce you to.

That was really funny. Made me orgasm.

Electric Mango Co-Dev

yeah, ikr?