Need TF2 map recompiled with HDR lighting for use in SFM

hey all, bit of a simple, i believe, request to have a map recompiled with HDR lighting.


it’s made for use in TF2 but source filmmaker is picky so most custom maps need a recompile. i have only a BASIC knowledge of hammer (used to make a flat map long ago) so i’d rather not go through the pain i did once again

Anyways, i’m possibly using it for a saxxy entry and will happily credit whoever recompiles for me. or i could pay you back with a hat, or something.

edit: i’ve got a steam friend willing to do it later on. if someone else does it i’ll still credit and thank you but otherwise i’ve got someone willing to make it now.

I’ll give it a try.

Edit: How’s this?

Didn’t see you posted it, thank you very much! will try it out in a bit.