Need The Luke Model(ragdoll) From Jedy Academy(Also Jedy Knight 2 Jedy Outcast is Ok)

I Need the model of Luke, from Jedy night 2 Jedy outcast or Jedy Academy.
The model is the same in the 2 games, so there’s no difference between them.
Thanks a Lot.

Ports from Jedi Academy can have bugs in Source, but a Luke Skywalker model would indeed be awesome.

you really want that ugly mofo of a model? seriously this one is 100% times better and the most accurate ever

and here it is

It’s on my “to do list”


What are you talking about?
I never had any problems.

How can i install it and use as a Ragdoll?

You can’t, You’ll have to wait until I port it.


Thanks man. That’s very kind ^^

Got the lightsaber, even though you didn’t ask for it.

It’s funny, I don’t think Mark Hamill voiced Luke in that game. Even though he’s now primarily a voice actor.
EDIT: Nope, he hasn’t done a single Star Wars related thing since Return of the Jedi. Mark Hamill, that is.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back as Cocknocker (reference and parody), Robot Chicken (Voice Actor for Luke in the Robot Chicken Star Wars sketches) and Family Guy when they show Luke Skywalker (not the Star Wars special).

Those sorta have to do with Mark Hamill doing Star Wars in a way.

However, his last role in Star Wars was voicing Luke for The Empire Strikes Back Radio Drama, not Return of the Jedi (though both in 1983).

I was going to ask XD

P.S. How are the things going with the Luke ragdoll?

Your ports work fine, others seem to have stretching and things like that.

And that one episode of the Simpsons.

Fun fact, he’s recently said in an interview that even though he is a voice actor as well as the original Luke, he has never been asked to voice Luke. Ever.

Sort of. Sort of.

Not entirely accurate…he did this TV commercial as Luke advertising Vector Prime, the first novel in the New Jedi Order book series.

I’d agree, but I don’t think that counts.
His joker was way better anyways.
puts on a shit cover
Don’t hurt me…

Actually I agree with you on that…that his Joker was better than his Luke Skywalker. I guess that’s a bit too off topic though. I actually would like to see this model in Gmod if for no other reason than there are a serious lack of Jedi models period in game.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa give it to me!

Stop reviving dead threads.