Need the portal 2 turret in DMX format

Okay so i decompiled the portal 2 turret so i can add a few animations.
i did this and recompiled it in orangebox for testing purposes then when I was satified with the movement I compiled it into portal 2
compiled fine no errors
but upon attempting to open up the model in modelviewer or faceposer it appeared to be corrupted
I compiled the model using SMDs so maybe the mesh has to be in dmx format

Valve has only released dmx export tools for maya which i dont have

If someone is able to get the portal 2 turret mesh into dmx format and send it to me that would be very helpful :slight_smile:

I added animations for a musical sequence im making

I got the animations done

in orangebox

the map is also very complete

there are over 150 panel arms in this sequence

the only thing preventing me from finishing this machinima is incompatability of the recompiled turret

I got it into portal 2
using Alien Swarms studiocompiler intead of portal 2s broken ass one

no one i know uses maya :frowning:
there all using 3ds max or blender

Like I said, someone already compiled the turret in a over 500 MB pack:

your missing my point sir
Sorry if i didnt make myself clear last time

Im NOT looking for ports I can do that on my own

I MODIFIED the turret and am trying to compile it BACK INTO Portal 2

Im having trouble compiling FOR Portal 2

at the moment it is currently impossible to compile back into Portal 2 due to the MASSIVE engine coding changes, as soon as its all cracked,then you might be able to compile for portal 2, so just sit back and wait…