Need This HUD Made! $20 USD To Paypal Account.

I need this HUD made, may or may not be a challenge to some. But I have my hands full and need someone to do this for me. I’m paying $20 USD to paypal account of your choice, to whoever creates, and records a video of a working HUD. Then sends it to me of course.

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I don’t understand what the bars mean.

It looks like a duck :V

you’ve gotta give more info on that to make it even working, otherwise its just a useless image.

Blade is right, you should give info telling what do each bar means.
You can edit that image and add texts, saying what do each bar means, hope this helped.


Also, there’s a hiring thread for this.

Looks like he wants someone to make him a rainbow snail?

Elaborate on it more.

What’s it for?
What is each bar used for?

EDIT: Done it for you.

Code will be sent over when I find a copy of Nuclear Dawn in my steam inventory.

I don’t have a paypal so I get paid in games :frowning:

I have to say, that looks quite sexy.