Need this model rigged properly for Garrysmod

Can anyone here rig this CSGO model properly so his arms are not V shaped?
All I simply need is this specific model fixed up so I can use it.

ctm_st6_variantd is the name of the model.

I can do it, I’ve done it lots of times. just let me install CSGO

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Allright, finished the guy, here it is.

Sweet! Can I have a link to the guy when possible?

Sure, but its messed up. he spawns in the air…

How high?

In the room with the glass. is spawns out of the place. but if I go where I spawn and spawn it on the ground, I can wait for it to flop down. and i’d love to know how to fix it to where it doesn’t do it.

I’m no genius, but maybe if you tried rigging it again that may help. But I am not even close to sure.

Try changing the offset in the qc