need this texture self illuminated

self illuminating textures are a total block for me. if anybody could give me a hand by taking these and getting just the turquoise bits to light up that would be fantastic and appreciated.

and just to give you and idea of the mood im going for:

What does your vmt look like?

Did you make a separate Selfillum texture

the vmt is as default as it gets. just the directory for the texture and thats it.

i havent made a selfillum texture either because i suck at that too.

It’s really simple if you look into it

It’s really simple to make a Selfillum texture.

You want to just specify what is illuminated via the texture.

oh i didnt know i could get away with it that easily. i was always under the impression that it had to be like one of those ‘normal’ textures with the weird inverted colours

thanks ill take a whack at it myself now.

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okay i had a go at it myself, the textures still arent illuminating. could you please proof check and make sure i have done them properly?
sorry i keep using deviantfart but its the most convenient thing atm

Imo the easiest way is to separate the parts you want to glow to a new layer. Have it be 100% opage. All the non glowing parts should be at a separate layer with only 1% opacity. Make sure to export as .PNG. now add “$selfillum” “1” to the .vmt and that’s it :slight_smile: no need for a separate mask.

See if this works out for you. You would have to place this directly in your materials\ directory.

hmmmm still no luck. i read something about a lights.rad file being involved? does that mean anything?

Do you actually want the texture to EMITT light? Or just look bright?