Need three things for my server. PAYING

I want three addons added to my server, Detective Grappling Hook, Jihad, and the Detective Golden Deagle.

If anyone can help me out, I’d be willing to pay. Write me and we’ll figure something out. :slight_smile:

I have pm’d you. if you wouldn’t mind awnsering

Job complete

gemmono2 helped me with the golden gun and Jihad.

For future reference, you should use this thread instead.

Wait, You paid for someone to add files to a folder?

You really should learn FTP…

no he payed for SWEPS not folders

You made him pay for openly available sweps you did not code O.o yikes. That’s messed up.

My god. Think before posting lol. I’m sure it’s meant that OP paid for custom SWEPS

and the things i gave him i coded my self.