Need tips for base defence.

Hey guy’s looking on some tips on how to make my base more secure and get raided less?

I have been hesitant on building anymore than 3 floors or metal walls as i think it looks like eye candy to bandits so if you have any tips at all that would be great thanks.

Personally, I think small and simple is a good call. Tucked away in a corner somewhere near Radtown I have a little 4 foundation home with 4 metal doors. All my stuff is behind the last door so it would take 8 C4 charges to get to it… absolutely not impossible, but I don’t have to open 500 doors (exaggeration) to get to my stuff and most raiders will get a door or two into it and go “screw this.”
As for metal walls, I’d recommend it. They’re expensive and yes, you’re right, it may attract bandits, but they’ll have a difficult time blowing a wall down, something that’s much easier with wooden walls.
Still, the most important thing to me is visibility (or lack-thereof).
Also, don’t light campfires/furnaces at night :slight_smile: