Need Tips for Making a Movie

I plan on making a Garry’s mod Movie. Like a realistic one, not one of those stupid ones like Idiots of Garry’s Mod. I want to make it realistic, like using Faceposer for talking, and stuff like that.

I would love some tips when making a movie, like what really makes things easier and stuff like that… So post some tips or ideas, if you wish :slight_smile:

Questions I have:

  1. Faceposer:

I put my scene into garry’s mod… I used NPC Scene to play it. He does the gestures, and he plays the sound, but his lips do not move at all…

Here is what it says in console:

  1. How can I turn off LUA errors?

  2. When I use faceposer, then use the NPC Scene tool, it makes a loud noise from the Stool, and also shows the Stool info in the camera… so how can I get around this?

I don’t really know what your problem is, but, I’ve a tip.
If you want to add effects later (Adobe CS3/CS4 After Effects, other stuff) use a green or a blue screen.
Use PHX props, make them the material Debug White, then color them green OR blue, and then use Adobe After Effects to apply thinks like you walking on the moon or w/e.
Add me to steam (NeburRebyc) if you need help with some video editing.

Thanks. I will add you.

Also, I got the sound working, but now his lips don’t move.

I get this error

Hmm, I would give you a tip. Use something like Fraps. I can upload a … I shall say not fully legal version of it with a installer.
It’s way better than other cams, but is your error record or GMod related? (It could be a GMod Update problem too, like each topic on this page now…)

It is on Garry’s Mod. and I have fraps, haha. :stuck_out_tongue: