Need tips, i'm interested in making models

recently a player model’s progress a has come to a halt, do to the person having other projects or lost interest completly. so i’m thinking of picking up his work but i know basicly nothing about model making, scripting, lua, pretty much nothing about creating mods at all.

i’m simply asking for recomendation’s on witch programs or any other forms of help that can help me start a hobby at making mods and so forth.

but if anyone else is willing to take the task of making the player model, please leave a comment on my steam ID OneWingedAngel82302

Use something simple and free for first. Like Blender.

Seriously? How hard is it to use the search fuction? It’s been tons of threads about this already.
Free examples: Blender, Softimage Mod Tool
Not free examples: 3DS, Maya

Will that open MAX, QC, and SMD files?

.QC isnt a model file. It’s a text file.
Smd? Yeah if you get plugin. MAx? Not sure , probably there is some plugins

ok, i’ll go get blender and worry about the other stuff later.

Ok, i got both blender and the softimage mod tool. both seem very difficult to work with but i think i can figure them out. but i would to first like to get a good look at what i’m working with, so how exactly do i load the files (as mentioned above) in to softimage’s presets?
or if there is another way to load them.