Need to find a material called "jeeptire"

Hello there, i´m trying to find a material called “jeeptire” that is being used by the wheels of NeuroTec tanks. It sounds like rubber and has very little friction, so i would apreciate if someone could help me find this material, or at least tell me how to make a new one for the tank wheels. Thanks in advance :smile:

Thank you! But is it possible to modify it or will it mess up the game? Also, what if i modify it but other players dont? Will it have the same friction for everyone?

It is possible to modify it and it will also affect everything that uses that material. You server will have one value, clients will have antoher value, resulting in prediction errors, where applicable.

So i guess i can´t do anything about the sound and friction right? I could change the material of the tank wheel, but then it would either make an even worse sound or have less friction.