need to find l4d2 texture files

hello. im trying to reskin l4d2. cause i lag alot. im gonna take some detail out of the textures. where would i find the texture files. i cant find them with gcf scape.

They’re in pak01_dir.

I think…

well, you can actually. go into the steam/steamapps/common/l4d2 and open the pak01_dir.vpk file with gcfscape. then track to where the texture might be.

wow… This dude posted 1 second before I did. wtf!

Editing player models isn’t going to help much for your lag. A large majority of lag comes from the map.

Turn them settings down?


No really…?

i know. but i cant edit the map. so im trying everything that i can. i have -lv on. lowest settings and a cfg file that also lowers graphics. i still run at 9 - 15 fps. wich lags really bad

Buy a better computer.

Sometimes lowering settings just doesn’t help; your computer just can’t handle that game.

O: I know! It’s a console setting, what was is… matpicmap(some underscores required) something something?

Set that to really high. Low poly, low res grossness awaits you!