Need to hire a coder

Hey I am looking to hire a competent lua coder to help me modify the nexus/severance release made by kuro.

Job Details:
Pay upon completion of tasks

You can add yourself to the credits for coding but do not remove anything about kuro as that would be a breach of his terms

Job will pay anywhere from 30$ to 300$ depending on how many tweaks/upgrades we have you do.

Examples of work:
Coding new weapons
Making upgrades to existing features
Making class/faction specific items/actions/events

First things I am looking to do:
Script a storage unit on the map that has an unlimited amount of items but will give certain items out to players once a day and no more.

Add in zombie spawn points that spawn a certain number of zombies and when one is killed it spawns another to replace it


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This isn’t a “hire a coder” forum.

It still does not stop people from trying to hire coders.

300$ seriously? that’s as much as they payed the mw2 crew god that’s too much 10$ is good for a project maybe 100$ after a whole mod with a website and professional work and support Jesus i mean not trying to declare the price but wow that’s a lot of dough

$10 is worth as much as nothing in lua.

why i have done it before its a hobby hear that HOBBY i do it for fun i mean why do people pay so much for a mod that is supposed to be free i guess Garry found a little nitch he could get through to make you pay for a mod lua coders that are not working on a team legally don’t have to be payed shit they just do it to get into heaven or at least I do

Some people use game servers as a way to make money, they want the top notch script to make the maximum amount of money, that or they’re rich pimps who take they’re hobbies to the fullest in order to get to the top in a video game.

Actually it’s not a hobby since you would get the money for our scripts we code.

It’s a hobby, but people code what they feel like coding. Coding something they don’t feel like requires it to either be a community they support, or for payment.


More importantly, why are you bitching about people wanting to pay you?

Someone said $10 is an appropriate amount of money, which it isn’t.

You’re a total moron if you think the developers of MW2 only got $300 dollars.

In a day mabye XD

game developers regularly get like say 1200 dollars for There work i was just using it as a figure of speech.

1200? More like 1200 a week.

Devs are like Engineering drafters, in most cases they don’t get paid by the hour…its usually by the work they do.