Need to know how to make myself admin on my server.

I own a server on Multiplay, I used to play legacy so I would use Auto Admin.
Now im playing the experimental Rust and I dont have access to Auto Admin.
Ive tried everything and Ive googled and read forums for 5 days now, below is what I have done as far as I can remember.

1.Tried to use recon ingame but when I type rcon.login mypassword it says invalid.
2.Downloaded Rusty , I think I used recon in that but im not sure since I cant find any guides on Rusty, all I see is they say "type in the rcon in rusty to add commands, they dont say were recon is, I see 2 boxes to type in rusty under recon, I need details.
3.Google for 5 days now reading countless posts with nothing working.
4.Emailed Multiplay, they just recomended Rusty.
5.Went to my settings in multiplay clanforge tried to add command lines in server cfg to make myself admin , didnt work.
6.Tried to change password for admin in clanforge settings , didnt work in when i pressed F1 in game ad typed rcon.login my newpassword
7.Asked on other forums was ignored assuming they figured I never researched it.

I dont want to be told to use Rusty , I need details on how to use Rusty.
I dont understand why for the life of me their isnt a simple explanation for this, why no basic guildes , press this button then type this then your admin, its like the people that make these mods assume im a programmer.
Can someone help me? Ive made posts in the past helping others , why cant anyone with knowledge put up a “Hpow to be a admin for dummy’s post”

To connect to your new Rust server manually from the Rust client console:

  1. Load your game and open the console by pressing F1 on your keyboard.
  2. Type “client.connect ip:port” where IP and Port are replaced by the values listed in this email.
  3. Hit Enter, the console will output some connection messages. If you appear to be connecting, you can close the console by pressing F1 again.

== RCON Tool ==

If you wish to use an RCON Tool for server management, we’d recommend the Rusty Experimental version.


  1. Run the tool (Rusty.exe)
  2. Open the settings tab of the tool and enter the following details:

Query Port: <GAME PORT + 2>

  1. If connected, you will receive a “Success” notification with a green indicator.

== In-Game RCON ==

In order to enable RCON in-game, you must first execute a few commands on the server from Rusty. Please refer to the steps above to set this up.

  1. Connect to Rusty.
  2. Click the “RCON” tab in the Rusty client.
  3. Create your server config files by typing “server.writecfg” into the bottom-most text field on the page. Click “Send”.
  4. You can now add yourself and others as admins or moderators.
  5. Once added, you’ll need to execute “server.writecfg” again in order to permanently write the information to the users.cfg file.

For example:

ownerid <Your Steam64ID> <Your Name>
ownerid 762389554445544 User1234

If you don’t have rcon access, read my reply in

6 days later , thank you someone stepped up and I appreciate it.
I couldnt get it to work on rusty but I will say what I did so if others are having issues.

I put this ownerid <Your Steam64ID> <Your Name> in my .cfg files and it worked im admin.

I did it through multiplay, to do it Go to Clanforge edit profile , configs , users.cfg then paste
ownerid <Your Steam64ID> <Your Name> no reason

For your name i used the name I use when I log into my rust server.
You type no reason Im assuming its a space to write a decription of why balls is the owner i guess.
Do not use the arrows on each side of your steam Id, remove those. So if your name was Sunshine you would enter it exactly like this , steam id is fake.

ownerid 123456789011121 Sunshine no reason

I got my steam ID off of Rusty.

Thank you eddieo64