Need to make some custom animations... but how?

So I can’t find any information on how to create new animations. But what I’m looking for is some animations that I can use in a “special agent” or spy type gamemode, which requires animations like climbing up an edge or rolling, much like splinter cell.

Anyways I’ve never done anything with animation, care to help me out?

few day bump. I still need an answer on this.

I’m asking because I’ve been searching forever and can’t find any information on how to make animations like this. Surely somebody knows…

There was a Addon somewhere on

Yeah the addon won’t help me I don’t think. I found it.

I basically don’t know how to make an animation, or even what kind of file an animation is stored in. After that I think putting it into lua is easy enough.

You can make animation with a modelling program

Look for the lua bone api.

You probably mean Lua Animations API.

I had to play with it, but I’m thinking that the Lua Animations API will work.

I figured it was broken, but found a fix as posted on the thread.