need to report something to steam

A friend of mine on Steam got hacked 10-20 minets before I posted this and and the “jacker” told me to go to this site” DO NOT FOLLOW THIS LINK IF U VALUE UR COMPUTERS LIFE DONT FOLLOW THIS LINK

I susppect its full of nasties waiting for there turn to turn your computer into a hulk of scrap metal, I need to report this to steam is there anyway to do this?

Your friend is quite obviously a moron for falling for such a scam and does not deserve to be on Steam.

Never the less, direct your friend here:

Yeah you’re pretty dumb for putting a malicious link up.

Get rid of that quick.


Reported it to 110mb

dude im not the one affected bye this if u read the top thread then you’d see that it said my friend was the one who got jacked not me.

What he means is if you don’t want other people clicking it, don’t post the link in the first place.

Unfortunately, there are some people dumb enough to completely disregard everything in this thread and go “OMG LINK I MUST CLICK IT”.