Need to Valve-Biped some ready-to-rig models.

I’ve rigged things before, so I get all that. Heres the help I need.

  1. Where to get the Valve biped to rig to?
  2. How to add a ton of default animations to the model like some have on workshop? (such as the zombie moves, taunting, etc)

The model will be exclusively for SFM.

  1. Extract and decompile a source model such as male7 from gmod
  2. You will need to make custom animations for taunts or just use default animations from source

If it’s exclusively for SFM then what’s the point? You only need the ValveBiped if you want to make it a playermodel or NPC for Gmod.

I want to use Valve’s animations, which are mapped to their biped afaik

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Thanks man, I intend to use default animations. Are they added in the qc?

Well, okay. It’s just that when popele say SFM-exclusive it usually mean that it’s on a custom skeleton and without a ragdoll.

But in any case, you can add anaimtions with this line

$includemodel m_anm.mdl

See here for more info. The same process applies for SFM.

Thanks a bunch man.