Need toggable hoverballs

I’m trying to do those parts in Mass Effect with the rover coming down from the ship and landing on the planet surface.
Since I’m a noob at wire and Fin, I can’t make my own suspension (or use custom thrusters) for a rover (aka a rover contraption). So I’m forced to use SBEP’s rover, since apparently I cannot use Physical Properties on the Buggy, and the Airboat won’t do it. What I want is simulated weightlessness… without having to use SpaceBuild.

If you’re still following me, I’ve tried regular thrusters, and using Physical Properties on the rover. It either drops like a rock or floats around, and when I try to turn it with thrusters, it does a damn barrel roll instead of JUST… doing what I want.

So I tried hoverballs. For the most part, they seem to be OK for what I wanna do, but not ok when trying to leave a planet using a ship, since hoverballs use a set height.

I desperately searched through Google hoping to find toggable hoverballs. All I found was this “Repulsor Stool” here in Facepunch, from a guy named malawar. Looked like exactly what I’m looking for, but the only download link doesn’t exist anymore… perfect.

So. I beg anyone to help me find what I’m looking for before I fucking pull my hair out. Wasn’t there one by that one guy… whatshisname? Had a stool pack like malawar’s.

Conna’s tools had toggleable hoverballs didn’t it?

Don’t even suggest that. The latest hoverball code is so much different than that old thing. It needs to be remade.

It is?
I haven’t noticed any huge changes in the hoverballs myself.

It’s the internal stuff, not anything you’d just notice by looks, but it also effects efficiency.

I’d say if they still work and are stable that they’d be fine.

I wouldn’t recommend all of connas tools though.