Need UV Mapper


Me and 2 other friends are working on a mod for Call of Duty: World at War. And the mod we are working on for WAW is going to be on Call of Duty: Online. But we have try to export stuff using ninja ripper and 3D Ripper and the UV are broken from the models that we export from the game. So if there is anyone who is good at UV mapping and would like to help us out please reply on this topic saying so. Or if you are good at UV mapping and want to give us tips would help us out a lot.

Thanks for any help,
Cyborg Mod :slight_smile:

Yea if Anyone willing help I would extremely appreciate it :slight_smile:

I would be able to help you guys with the uv mapping, just send me the models & textures and ill be able to uv map them for u.

The UV’s are probably good you guys check the other uv channels. If not why not just make a proper program to rip the models…

No the uvs are messed up and we got manually uv map, we really need help so if anyone willing help i would appreciate it