Need verification from expert

This host (hostus) includes 20Gbps DDOS Protection. CPU: Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-1650 v3 @ 3.50GHz

I just need to verify what I am saying is correct

I will be able to run 3 TTT servers at 66 tick each.
I will also be able to run a 50 slot ts3 .

^^^I can do those while running ubuntu
Run those with no lag?

Why would I need more then 1 IPv4?


I swear this is like your third fucking thread now about the same thing, everyone has already helped you with what you need. That CPU will run fine with what servers you plan on running, RAM should be good and storage is fine. You will not need more than one IP - you will just change the port per server… Please stop asking the same shit and maybe research some more yourself and use common sense.

4gb ram 150gb hardrive

Just saw that, the image did not load up for me (don’t know whether you embedded it correctly) - apologies.

ok, can you verify what I’m saying is correct? It’s all I need to know so I can go back to coding the ttt itself

You already have 2 threads why dont you use them? If it’s a VPS you’re talking about then we have no idea how many of those cores you get. Now for the last time, you can find all this info on facepunch already. And if you really need to ask all these questions without googling/trying your self then I can GUARANTEE you that your community will FAIL. You wrote that you knew a lot about computers in another post from what I remember but it doesnt seem like it. You should probably stick with a game server host instead of VPS/dedicated because you can clearly not handle it and you will have a hell when you need to install everything on ubuntu without a graphical interface.

lol I can do it chill bro I just needed to verify what I am saying is correct and that I understand this stuff. If you saw the photo it says 4 cores and there I no big deal on making new theads as I’m pretty sure facepunch can handle paying for website data overages. Like I said um 15, you prob don’t know any people this age that can succeed at this stuff. I garuntee you I 2 will succeed and a smart server owner will know not to take shit from haters

What does age have to do with anything?

Well a majority of the posts other people have been making that are my age or younger have not had the same amount of experience you grownups have. For all we know you could have a fucking degree in computer science while I’m just here trying to learn everything myself.

I was 15 myself when I started my community. I did the proper research. This is what Im trying to tell you, ofc you don’t have experience of running servers if you haven’t done it before. But you will have to try to look it up/experiment with it rather than making 100s of threads on facepuch for everything you want to do.

And no I can not see that photo, because it’s not attached the right way.

Here is a very useful link that you could use to compare cpu’s
If you want servers with high performance, an example would be to have 3 servers per core if you have a cpu in the top like the 4790k. A DarkRP server would probably be it’s own core. For 3 TTT servers at 64 tick + a teamspeak 3 server + website + a few mysql databases or whatever you need, you would probably be fine with 3 cores.

Acording to hostus you’re not allowed to host game servers or teamspeak btw as found in their tos here:

Depending on where you live in the states you might want to look at OVH or if you don’t live close to Canada you should probably search for another VPS host like NFO or Digitalocean.

I know people in college at 15 age has nothing to do with intelligence

Not saying it has to do with intelligence but with Experiance

Well I mentioned intelligence because you are not using Google to find the answers to your questions. Everything you’re asking has more or less been asked hundreds of times before.

Yes you can find answers on google from different websites but I need a solid answer from the veterans here on facepunch,

If you can please just answer my questions that would be nice I don’t think fighting on a forum thread will do any of us good

Your questions have already been answered and we also told you stuff you didnt ask for.

Why facepunch specifically? You admitted above that the answers can be found on Google over various websites. Do your own homework…

Also this question has been answered already if you factor in the above replies and the responses on your other threads.

I didn’t see that the question was answered because earlier the person had written something else then I saw it was edited with the answer when RediL pointed it out. Why facepunch? Well can you think of a better website for all purpose garrys mod support because I cant

But you’re not asking for garrysmod support. You’re asking if the hardware can run teamspeak and srcds servers. The only difference between gmod and other source engine games is that it uses LUA.