Need Viper from Combat Arms made for GMod

I wanted to request a Viper CA model for GMod. For this model, I wish to have it in three types: a regular Viper (preferably extracted from the game), a bikini Viper and a naked/nude Viper. The boobs I want to be posable (and if you can throw in the Jigglebones tech in there, that’s nice too). For the face changer, make it so that when I adjust it, she can go from normal to nude and vice versa. I know this sounds perverted, but I want the best guy who can do this to do it. (OPTIONAL: Please have it done in a week) Thanks!

a) you want the requests section
b) most people aren’t that keen on sexual fantasies of twelve year olds
c) combat arms is virtually unrippable from. - you can get the models but no UVW maps and their anti hack disables ripping programs