Need voice actors for machinima

So I was watching civil protection, and one of the metrocops mentioned that he thought the rebellion were idiots. That got me thinking: What if they were? These are the adventures of a rebel compound chock-full of dipshits. I haven’t written the script very much yet, so right now I just need a narrator for the opening. If you’re interested, I’ll PM you lines. I’ll open up more voice-acting positions when I write in more characters. It’s not really first come, first serve, it’s the one I like best.

This belongs in the “Videos” section, AKA Here

Does that mean youre the ideas guy?

i think you forget what the fuck a director is.

directors take a script/idea and direct the cast and crew to get shit done

obviously you have no idea what you are talking about

also this idea sucks you are a talentless jerk this will never get completed why don’t you do this shit yourself and THEN ask for actors once you show progress oh right you won’t because you don’t have shit

i mean, honestly, you waltz in here HEY I HAVE AN IDEA as if that makes you the boss (it doesn’t) it’s rude and nobody will want to get a job from some rude jerk like you

Excuse me? Rude? I just had an idea and wanted to see if anyone would collabarate with me on it. Just because it’s relatively underdeveloped is no reason to piss all over this thread.

Anyway, to the intelligent posters in this thread, I’ll probably have to put this on hiatus, for I just joined an indie gaming company, and that’ll consume my time for now.

aka i have just realized nobody will ever feel needful to help me because i have nothing to prove because i don’t have anything to show for myself over than some petty idea that anyone could come up with

nice job.

lol you dont even know him and youre judging him?

nice job too