need VOICE actors for machinimas

Hey nedorang here, i just signed up to make this thread.

I am in desperate need for voice actors for my machinimas, these voice actors will need to have deepish voices so no 12 year olds please and the actor will also need a nice clear mic so no bad feedbacks and the actor will need to always have they’re mics available.
I need these voice actors to be on daily and to help alot, not feeling like it is not an excuse to me as i like to make progress and not to be held back.
The voice actors will be able to pull off a variety of voices, i dont mean perfectly but try to do , retarded voices, serious voice and maybe even sad voices doing just one of these is fine.
I have no time for people who are to shy to say anything either. I know i have alot of requirments but this is what i need in my voice actors.

If you would like to help please reply with your steam freinds name.

Hey how’s it going matt.

? sorry ?

I don’t think it’s him this time.

Is this your address // phone number?

2 ewenny road, 2 ewenny road
cardiff, uk, cf349tp
United Kingdom



Why am i being asked this?

We think you are Matthew Wild, and those his his details.

“those are his details”

couldn’t resist :ninja:

Fix’d :smiley:

Do you have a team? Do you have any previous work? Are you well organized with your projects? If so I’d be more than happy to do voices for you.

Why are we harassing this 12 year old again?

It’s fun how even you yourself say you have a lot of requirements, but you give no evidence that the rest of the movie, the part under your control, won’t be utter shit.

It’s fun.

Sounds interesting, but unless you want an noorse acsent I guess I’m out. And I don’t think I’ve got a good mic either :stuck_out_tongue:

i am very intersted in this if its not to late XD so if you would like to contact me for this please do so at [EMAIL=“”]

Never heard of OP, seems like the video is never going to be released or it will be a generic WMM video.

I’m game as long as it isn’t some weirdo sex pose catapult hotel type deal that will make the FBI come and smash my computer :slight_smile: Etc, etc…

:radioactive:[GR]Napalm]:biohazard: :3 That is if you haven’t done it yet.

Please note, that this thread was made in 2009, so you shouldn’t bother helping

Oh shi facepalm to the max Well it was near the top D:< Sorry about that…

Guys i’m going thru puberty so my voice crackles heaps, but im free to help :stuck_out_tongue: