Need voice actors for sci-fi machinima

Me and two other friends (TechTuts and Alexmorriz) need some voice actors for our sci-fi, space based machinima project. We also need help with mapping, modeling and possibly ideas for later chapters in script.

Some preferred requirements are:

  • Skype
  • Speak good english
  • Voice acting (A female voice is needed)
  • Possible experience with video editing software

If you are interested, please contact us by PMing me or replying to this thread to register your interest.

Show previous work or any sign of any chance of this being created?

We get one of these threads every week at least. Half of them say “yeah we need modellers and mappers”… do you realise how much work modelling and mapping is? I’m speaking both artistically and practically; they’re very difficult to learn and take a lot of time and effort to do.

With no prior knowledge of your skill in creating Machinima, do you expect artists to get on board your idea and spend hours creating assets for your mediocre 5 minute film? I don’t.

I could do this.

This was our original attempt at a machinima, but it isn’t that good, as we lacked the required skilled
assistance and guidance. But we have a decent script now, and if we can get the right help, the quality will be much greater.

Bear in mind that this is an unfinished version of our machinima, as we only made this in one day.

We own two servers that will be available to use to film, so that won’t be too much of a problem.

i assume you are the ideas guy

I could help, if you like. I could also add you on Skype if you like.

No, Techtuts came up with the idea. He just asked me to “rally up some forces”. And for anyone who is interested. Techtuts is on his computer most nights, so will be pretty committed to this project. The project will be starting after 19th January, after sufficient storyboarding and development has gone into place for the basic outline of the plot. As all three of us have exams up until then (as we are only 16).

And also, PM me with your skype usernames if you want to talk.

I like how one of the preferred requirements is voice acting.

I know one who’ll be opened, not sure if I want to give you her skype.

do you need a richard nixon impersonator

I can be a robot. Here is my audition.

nice sound clip you got there colonel

'd be a shame if somethin happened to it

It looks like you’re just trying to copy the Idiot Box series. I don’t think we need any more 3rd rate copies of that.

It seems you didn’t actually read the first post. We aren’t trying to make a comedy machinima. We are trying to make a more serious one.

I could help. I’ve got top grades in english and I’ve worked with some machinimas on my own, though non of them were completed. I’m also practicing skinning aswell as hexing. Can’t promise you guys anything, but I will do my best. I have a mic too, and I can change my voice pretty much- not so sure about the female thing, though… Could always just use Audacity (Which I have installed and know how to use.)

Note: I have uninstalled my Skype as I never use it.

Well, you seem like a reasonable guy, we would be glad to take you on into this project. We are also relatively new to this, so perhaps we could all make a few learning curves as a group, and make this as good as we possibly can.

Also if you reinstall skype, it would be much easier to communicate as a group.

PM me if you are still interested.

We will be starting production from the 19th January onwards, as I am getting a new computer, and there are exams on at this time for Me, TechTuts and Alex

Just add me on Steam, okay? It’s easy enough to talk there too.

What if I speak relatively proper English?