Need Weapon Modelers/Animators

Hello all you modelers!

I’m one of the developers for the PostnukeRP gamemode, and we’re looking for a modeler or two to get some custom weapons in the game.

Some links:
Facepunch Thread
PostnukeRP Homepage

We need people who can model and animate weapons and bring them into Garry’s Mod with basic functionality. World models as well. Textures obviously required. No payments will be given. This is pro-bono, but you get credit for any weapons you do, of course. If that’s not for you, I understand. But we’re doing this free as well, and it is how it is. The gamemode WILL be released open source, free to distribute, all that. If licensing becomes a concern, we’ll likely just go with GPLv3 (not decided), and your work will have to conform to its standards.

The list isn’t really short, which is why we might need more then one so not to overload anyone. Obviously, post apocalyptic setting, weapons need to look homemade-ish, but well-crafted. The machinery in them is modern, but improvised. These weapons will also have the requirement of having usable iron-sights. No, you don’t have to code it yourself. We’ll be doing that. We just need the models and animations. We’d also like to have them using rebel hands, if that’s not a problem at all, but not a requirement. The animations should also be sane with how much time they take.

Here is a list of weapons that we definitely require:
Knife: Basic survival sort of knife. Not too flashy.
Revolver: 6 chambers, speed-loader reload
Semi-Auto Handgun: illuminated sights for low-light maps
Non-scoped Rifle: Basic rifle. Bolt-action. Uses clips, not magazines.
Basic SMG: Something that looks robust, but minimal. Example would be a PPS-43.
Scoped Rifle: Honestly, just the rifle above with a scope. Will need an extra world model of the scope by itself.
Pump-shotgun: Basic pump shotgun.
Breach-loaded Shotgun: Single barrel, breach loaded shotgun.
Improvised Grenade: Just a thrown explosive. Pipe-bomb, chemical jug, whatever.
Other ideas we come up with. As with any of this, use your discretion on what you want to do.

We’re hoping to find some people who just like to model, and would love to see their weapons in game. The biggest hope is that we work well together, and the modelers can work with us again on future projects, if they so choose.

If you have any questions, ask in this thread, PM me here on Facepunch, or join the PostnukeRP forums (in the site above) and PM/e-mail me there. We’re nearing feature complete, and weapons are part of whats left! We’d love the help! ^^