Need Wipe

Hello everyone!
Today I make a post to ask for an opinion on the players wipe!
Personally I would like to wipe the server every two or three weeks! For there the teams begins to wipe with 30/40 people, which prevents us to play! The first day it was all full kevlar / full c4!
I would like to wipe more often!
People starts in their 20 person shelter and boils 2 gives each shot in the door and voila it’s nothing!
Thank you!

(Wipe every 2/3 weeks)

And why would they wipe 2/3 weeks if they can get the gear after 1 day?


Find a group, and collaborate to repel such big groups.

what is the point off playing if the server gonna get wiped… you put so lot of hours in the game sry my bad english :wink:

The server are going to be wiped so much more till the Beta at least.
So long road ahead of us and so much more additions and changes will be made.
Don’t expect to keep all the stuff :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t mind a wipe right now, every corner you go there’s a house. Although I don’t see the point of doing it every 2-3 weeks. That’s just plain retarded. 1. You’d have no players 2. The ones who do stick around, you can get a pistol in less than a hour, and M4 with blueprints in 2 hours. ( Probably more like 30 minutes and 60 minutes assuming you don’t get spawn killed ) and have a shack.

I’d perhaps agree to a wipe of the map every 2/3 weeks to clear it up a little as after some time it starts getting laggy however unless they add in anything new which requires a wipe to implement then I’m personally not for it.

Either way within a day you can get the majority of what you need to know learnt with a Research kit. The problem at the moment is the rarer drops i.e. from Air Drops are dominated by large groups because of the amount of people in a small area. Increase the resources and that’ll sort that out.