Need Wire People's Help

Hey guys, i have been in my rp server and i have seen many assassins using a kind of automated machine. Someone says /addhit [name], and the assassin gets a message saying who wants a hit against who. Could someone tell me how to make something like this, or give me some kind of e2 code for this? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Isn’t this a standard DarkRP feature? I don’t play it much anymore so I’m not sure.

You see, my clan made it’s own DarkRP. The owner is an unbelievably good coder. He did it himself so this isnt a feature.

Can’t be e2 then, must be some kind of normal command…

Its not a part of DarkRP.

Yes I know that…
But if he’s such a good “coder” he might have made some kind of addon, don’t you think?