Need World War 2 Weapon models

Hi Guys!

Myself and a few of my friends are working on a World War 2 Game mode and we are in need of help, we keep coming up short in the model department. If anyone happens to have theses models could you please post them?

Also. If you happen to have rifles and shotguns or whatever, we would also like those as well but we don’t need vehicles as we already have everything we need.

That’s a shitload of gus.

Honestly, some already released models could go for the most of presented here.

Though it’d be awesome to have the Vis.

I can understand wanting variety, but it seems hilariously impractical to have over forty pistols for a gamemode. You probably shouldn’t need that many weapons in the entire gamemode, let alone just pistols.

Considering the wide variety of ways these pistols work and the different sizes they are, you’d need unique animations for every single weapon. That’s going to be an awful lot of stuff to download, most of which seems kind of redundant.

Unless you give them all wildly differing stats (which would be kind of silly considering they’re mostly chambered in similar calibres), you really don’t need more than a handful of these.

There are models of the Webley, Walther PP, the Browning Hi-Power, and various C96 and 1911 models you could modify or just use as a stand in for one or two of the others, but I’m pretty sure models of 90% of the other pistols don’t exist. Some of those are really obscure.


We are attempting to do all country’s that fought in World War 2, which is why there are just so many weapons that we need.

That’s understandable, but 45 pistols is still an absurdly large amount of weapons to have in a gamemode.

I did some digging because I had nothing better to do earlier, and I found out the following:

7/45 exist as decent quality models and could be ported.
2/45 could easily be made from existing models.
9/45 exist but are too low quality to be worth using.
27/45 don’t exist as models.

Here’s the full list I made.

There might be some I missed hiding away on the internet, but you’d still have to get someone to animate each and every one of them.


I would just like to know why is this not worth using?

Because the game is 12 years old and the model looks like this:

If it says ‘old and not worth using’ then it means they’re old models and not really worth using.

Thank you for making that list.

I have a favor to ask if this is even possible but could you please port Deadfall Adventures weapons? because it has some of what we need.

Also. Animations are optional as we have someone that can do them.

There is some guy who’s porting Deadfall Adventures guns, but he hasn’t posted in a while and I don’t know his nickname.


Did he happen to post any files up? I would very much like to download those ASAP.

I found a client for 7554 and it is on a torrent site but i don’t know how to do porting.

If you asked DF A weapons, here they are !

Thanks man!

This should keep us busy but if you happen to find more models please do post em, we need everything that we can get our hands on.

Forgotten Hope 2 has Berreta 34 and Sauer 38H in decent quality.

I have to apologize my first post maybe incorrect, i found out that this “Modèle 1935 pistol” is actually this “SACM M1935A”

I don’t know how many others i may of misnamed but there is still hope because “World War II Online: Battleground Europe” has some of what we need.

Please tell me someone has ported this, yes?

Guys, take a look at this site :

You can searh by weapon name, and then, you have a list of all games that that weapon figured in.

(Sorry for my bad english, but I try to do my best)

Of curse, if you need WW2 weapons, I can try to have some from WAW(call of duty) Black Ops, Enemy Front… etc.

For who want to rip those weaps by themselfs, you can use Ninja Ripper, or BMS scripts, the last one seems to be more easy but you have to find the script that comes for the game you want to rip.
For Ninja Ripper, all you need is run your game in DX9 and it MUST be a 32-bit game.

I swear to help the most of you.


That’s great to hear man because that saves us time searching, if you could port them that would be great.

I will do that this afternoon. I can also take anims with them.

Hi, Guys!

I’m very happy to give this update on our project, last night a member of our team check all the weapons packs that we backup from and found a few of the items we need along with a few other goodies.

see some models here:

This saddens me, I was working on a World War 2 gamemode too :frowning: Looks like I won’t be able to release it now :confused: