Needa darkrp weapons pack that can make shipments?

Hello, i’ve been searching for a fa:s or m9k weapon pack that is FULLY compatible with darkrp. I want the shipments for the guns to be not laggy and have no problems with darkrp what so ever. I cant find a weapon pack for one though, help?

The default M9K weapons work with DarkRP, but if you’re looking for something not laggy and without issues, then M9K probably isn’t for you.

what about fa:s? or normal css weapons? I’m in desperate need of something that WORKS for once.

all you have to do as add them to the addentities then they can become shipments

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if u add them to addentities they can become shipments

Yes, but the models don’t work properly

Then you’re not properly adding them.

Well first thing I gotta do is get a weapon pack to see if i’m doing them wrong

M9K works just fine. I suggest just normal CS:S weapons, though.

As much as I want to use a css weapon pack, most of them are broken for gmod 13.

M9K Pistols/SMGs
M9K Machine Guns/Sniper Rifles
M9K Assault Rifles

M9K has been shown to have problems at higher pings though, due to shoddy management.

M9K AddEntites (change this probably)

I know of at least three on the workshop that are fully working.

Can I see them?

A friend of mine uses these and he doesn’t get any errors (that I know of)

When those weapons shoot, they are firing them while holstered. This is what I meant when I wanted a weapon pack that isn’t broken.

all 3 of those css weapon packs all do the same thing: shoot while holstered

That’s an issue with your sever then. I’ll post a screenshot tomorrow of the worldmodels firing correctly; either way, the weapons are fine and it’s not an issue with them.

They only fire while holstered if you’re watching someone else fire it. Third and first person if you’re playing by yourself look like they work. bleh