NeedDarkRP Coder

I have a few ideas that I would like coded for my RP server.

**-Inventory System **
Players can store their weapons, drugs, food and small props. Just a simple inventory system that will stay with them if they leave the server.

-Car Dealership System.
Now I understand that it’s hard to have NPCs on a map to purchase and store cars so what if a Stool was created. Something like a drop down menu style that allows players to purchase a car and also automatically stores their car if they leave the server. Though the money needs to be withdrawn from their DarkRP Wallet.
Ability for them to purchase a new paint job for their vehicle, it will also stay that color if they leave the server and when they spawn their car.

The vehicles I am using on my server are the new Sicknessmodels. At the moment I have all the Sickness cars buyable through the F4 menu for each class but I would like them to have the ability to purchase, take out their car and store their cars.

- VUmod for vehicles.
Need the ability for all my cars to have passenger seats and a working horn. I also would like the LCPD police cruiser to have a siren, I have the siren.wav files ready.

At the moment VUmod isn’t working on my server and still trying to figure it out. Help will be appreciated.

Discussion will be done through Steam also you will be paid if the job is done correctly. I would like someone that’s active and that will update me on their progress. I don’t know that level of coding, only the basics.

Appreciate you taking the time to read this.

This has basically been done, Pulsar Effect Role Play (P.E.R.P.) it includes all your idea here. The only thing that is different is there is fires and dead people that you can revive with Defibrillators. You can buy cars from a NPC, drugs from a NPC (and sell), put out fires with a fire hose (as a fireman) arrest people as a cop. P.E.R.P. also includes a mod where you grow your drugs. So, i’m pretty sure it would be much easier to try and get a hold of that Gamemode instead of trying to have someone lua code it for you. Gamemodes take a lot of coding and its not a day project. Finding/paying for P.E.R.P. will be a half a day project at most. Oh and i forgot to say that, the server does save your cars items, everything you have obtained.

Hope i helped


Yes but i’m not willing to Host a stolen/leaked gamemode on my server. That is why i’m requesting an LUA Coder.

The only thing I really need is the VU mod to work. Passengers, Horns, Lights+Sirens for the police car. Also some way to cause damage to the car so it disables it after certain amount of damage has been taken.

scars ;o

What would we get in return?

Dude, Cubez, try to get in contact with hunts, the creator himself and tell him your willing to pay, because that’s a lot of lua coding bro. Also no one will just be like “hell yeah ill do this for you” and then be on their way, they are gonna want admin or something dude. If i were you i would try contacting hunts before you do anything.

We can discuss payment options on Steam if your willing to do it.

Someone PMed me and he’s doing the inventory system and car system at the moment.

Now about hunts, I don’t want my server to be identical to Perp, people will think i’m “one” of those dudes that want Perp. Also there are other servers that have my concept too, not just Perp.

Who was the pm’er may i ask.

Trivkz, he’s done the inventory but coding the weapons has been a problem with it, won’t let players put weapons back into their inventory (while holding it) nor let them put spawned weapons in their as well. Also the Car system has some problems where when they spawn it, it doesn’t show it as the Owner of the player who spawned it. Only shows it as “Unowned”, which can lead to other players owning other players vehicles when they spawn it.

I’m still trying to get VU-Mod working but failing miserably. I don’t know too much about Coding (just the very basics) that’s why i’m offering to pay someone $10-$15 for the help.