Needed a LUA script to make never disconnect for no reason when dead NPC splatted and gored too hard

Can anyone help me? I got disconnected and Crashed for “.” Gimme that so i can gore more NPcs :slight_smile:


I tried the slaughter map and gored too hard then he f**king disconnected me for a dot and CRASH.

Yea, that means you overloaded the engine or something.

How must i Make the engine no more overloaded or something?

Not “gore” so much.

I disabled “Keep Corses” i need a new way for never AutoDisconnect

I’d prefer an auto disconnect over a crash tbh, there is no magical way to disable the autokick.

Aw crap.

dont try to flood flatgrass with blood and guts

but then flatgrass is boring as shit

Dear FacePunchers…

I finally found the last update of Disbmenber mod: 2.1!

I looked at the feature and it says

-Fixed the Disconnect when you gib the whole body of an NPC. BUT. Its keep disconnecting. but not crashing anymore