Needed Depth (Must Read)

A friend and i often discuss what is needed in rust to secure a player base despite having to restart continuously from scratch, Feeling like you have accomplished nothing at all.

I believe a ranking/points/rewards system is essential for rust for the following reasons:

  • To achieve a sense of accomplishment and purpose
  • Add further competitive aspects to encourage people to play more
  • Reward time & effort
  • Add DEPTH to the story

The system can vary from:

  • Points/cosmetic rewards store (Such as better starting skins, novelty items)
  • Achievement system (e.g 500 kills, 100 allies made, 2500+ boxes looted) which can unlock titles/features
  • Ranking system which can just list successful raiders/best k/d ratio etc

These are all just suggestions off the top of my head as to what i think this game is lacking. I no longer play rust because there is no real “Purpose” to doing so.
It sounds stupid but if im not unlocking something,working towards a goal or customizing my game experience it feels pointless, especially if im starting over every week.
Unfortunately this is the mind set shared by everyone i have talked to and i thought i would post this to maybe help prevent this game from dying out due to its peeled back experience.

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Also i would like to add this suggestion isn’t for those examples i have listed,
It is a suggestion for anything similar to help stimulate the same competitiveness/dedicated player base.

nope, they may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom ! Garry himself said freedom for players so no doing this to get that

Go play COD then :slight_smile:

Have you looked into the modded servers? Both Oxide and Magma have skills plugins, with stats, advancement, etc. They do tend to make the game into a grinder though.

Nah i don’t even play rust any more, it just feels like a 4 day long arcade game as i do not progress through resets etc at all. It really is a shame that a game with such potential is clouded by the die-hards that cannot accept that progression and expenditure is needed to compete with other games and hold steady core players.

We don’t want to compete with them because we don’t want their players. We want the players that enjoy what Rust will be.

It feels like im trying to sell porn to Scientologists

forget i mentioned it

Ranking/rep goes against the player freedom that the devs want to provide for players. They’re not trying to compete/keep up with COD and BF4, they’re trying to do something fun and unique.

"It really is a shame that a game with such potential is clouded by the die-hards that cannot accept that progression and expenditure is needed to compete with other games and hold steady core players. "

The steady core players are telling you they want a game that focuses more on survival than experience points or leader boards, and the developers seem to be saying the same thing. Each server has a reputation system: human memory.

A ooints/rankings/rewards system, aside from being the kind of thing you need to capture the attention of console tweens or those with a similar mentality, immediately invites rampant abuse. Rampant. And why should you be macro-rewarded for killing people when killing people isn’t the point of the game?

A story ?
You’re joking right ?
The player chooses his own story, think of it as if he forgot everything, it’s your tale.

No thanks, this is a sandbox game so I would rather see the devs create systems that allow us to forge our own narrative rather than implement leader boards/point systems etc. If you need a purpose or a goal, it is up to you to figure out what it should be. Make your own fun.

Also, how do you figure leaderboards and achievements add depth? The concept is fairly superficial “welp my kd is 2:1 now so I’m amazin” is pretty much as deep as it goes. Hon/dota/lol aren’t any more complex because you can view stats, they are “deep” because of the way their respective game mechanics work. Strategies have to run through several layers because of all of the possible variables available to players (wards, heroes, items, creeps, skills like animation cancelling, denying, specific strategies i.e. Turtling, pushing, etc)

Rusts only problem is that it currently lacks options for players when it comes to interacting with the world, especially with other players.

You need rewards to make games fun for you? Pretty much a text-book definition of being shallow.

I have stopped playing Rust as well because there is little progression. But with talks of expanding upon features such as hunting/farming/trapping/etc., this will hopefully be amended soon. But the idea of adding mandatory magical rewards that are earned is just downright silly. That is fine in games such as Duke Nukem where the game does not even pretend to take itself seriously, but becomes counter-intuitive in a survival setting such as Rust’s.

So many in here seem to be under the impression that a game can have core players when it really doesn’t even exist yet as far as “we” the public have played. A more realistic view: What we’ve been playing is to Rust 1.0 as the classic “maze” screensaver is compared to Wolfenstein 3D.